Django Unchained - Balls Make Me Sentimental

We discuss Django Unchained.

At nine minutes (of 114) Eric mentions that we’re off topic. Just so you know what you’re getting into here. Also, Joshua drank too much beer on an empty stomach and slurred the word ‘hypothetical’ at least 3 times.

During this review: We talk about Jamie Foxx (and his man parts), mention french atheism, have a fake sponsor, a (european) white dude says the n word (twice!), mashups, The Happening, British colonialism, racism, and Joshua curses a lot. Like a whole lot.

It may also surprise you that I cut the most offensive 10 minutes out. You’re welcome.

Spoilers at 58:55

Picks at 1:38:38 (yep, 1 hour and 38 minutes in)


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Update: Initial version of this episode had Carlo's audio slightly out of sync during the picks. It's fixed now. Big ups to everyone that reported the problem.